Why did my registration fail?

It is important to note that the application to register a domain name does not guarantee reservation of that name and the application will only be processed following payment.

Very few registrations fail (less than 1%) - common reasons for failure include:

  • Someone may beat you to the registration or the domain may be already registered to someone else.
  • Domains can sometimes appear to be free or available if they are actually in the process of being registered or if they have been suspended - this is usually due to technical reasons such as an incorrect DNS setup or non-payment of the domain name registry fees.
  • Your  payment details were invalid / incorrect or for any other reason the credit card company refused to accept the details you submitted. This is mostly due to a simple error when inputting your details - we will contact you to confirm the correct details.

We cannot process your domain name application unless the payment details you entered were correct and payment is accepted.

We cannot confirm any registration until we actually receive notification from the registrar.

If a registration fails you will receive notification and the fee charged for the domain name registration will be refunded.

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