Which domain should i choose, are there restrictions?

There are no restrictions on registering either .com or .co.uk domains .You could register a .com domain or .co.uk domain or indeed both (many people do!).

The choice is really down to your preference - .com is often seen as "International" whereas .co.uk is seen as "UK only" but it depends on the target market.

If you mainly deal with companies in the UK and wanted to register just one domain then a .co.uk domain may be the best choice. The .co.uk instantly identifies you as a UK company and often, given a list of URLs in a search engine, people will choose a domain / URL with their country code.

On the other hand .com is the most widely recognised domain, is slightly easier to type and is more at risk from someone else registering it!

Registering both .com and .co.uk domain names is actually a very good idea - it stops other people registering YOUR name and leaves it ready for you to use either right away or in the future.

Many companies are now actually registering more than the two main .com and .co.uk domains - registering the .net, .org and .org.uk variants of their name. The reasons for this are many - most importantly it would allow you to use them for marketing etc. and also stops other people from registering them!

Choosing the right domain name is completely up to you, however if you need help, please get in touch!

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