Are there restrictions over the structure of a domain name?

Yes - some domain names have rules on how they are constructed: Domain Type Rule ALL Domain names must consist only of letters (a-z) and numbers (0-9) - they may also contain the hyphen (-) symbol but may NOT contain special characters like the "and" symbol (&) or exclamation mark (!).

ALL Domain names may not contain spaces or start or end with a hyphen (-).

ALL Domain names cannot be more than 63 characters (excluding the .com, domain extension. ALL All domains are lower case. .uk The .uk domain names must be more than 2 "letters" long - would not be allowed but domains with 1 letter and one number - i.e. or would be allowable. .uk Top level domains are not allowed as third level domains - i.e. or would not be allowable.

For both and domain names the domain name must exactly reflect your company name - for instance if you were called "Penco Media." you would have to register either "" or "" - you could not register "". Registrations under either of these domain types are subject to approval and should be related to the registrant organisation.

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